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Understanding the different types of fires is critical at ServiceMaster Clean®. Having this knowledge, we can quickly assess the correct means and begin the restoration process of your business.

Protein Fire

Food from the oven or stove has burned; strong burnt odor exists; smoke residue is on contents and surfaces

Examples: kitchen fires or burning food on stove

Complex Fire

Multiple natural and synthetic items inside the structure have burned; black smoke residue on contents and surfaces; synthetic smoke odor exists; emergency corrosion mitigation is needed to protect at-risk services.

Examples: electrical fires, appliance fires, and any fire where multiple items in the home have burned

Natural Fire

Trees, shrubs, and bushes have burned (example: forest fire); smoke has penetrated the structure from outside; smoke residue odors are present.

Example: Shrubbery outside the home catches on fire where there is only smoke damage to the home.

Furnace Malfunction

Heating appliances such as oil-fired furnaces have malfunctioned and caused smoke to be distributed throughout the property.

Examples: Furnace malfunctions (backs up) or gas fireplace malfunctions

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