Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

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Fire & Smoke
Damage Restoration


Even when the fire is out, the damage continues. Much of the material found in furniture and flooring is synthetic and when burned, it can create a variety of complex chemical reactions. After only a few days, these items go from cleanable to unsalvageable.

The professionals of ServiceMaster Restore® are highly trained experts with an extensive understanding of the chemical combinations needed to successfully clean and salvage your belongings.

We can even remove soot from at-risk items, including brass, chrome, aluminum, marble, porcelain, or tile, along with the fabrics used in upholstery and carpets. This can dramatically reduce the cost by allowing items to be restored that would otherwise have to be replaced.

ServiceMaster Clean® 5 Step Fire & Smoke Restoration Process:

Emergency Pre-Cleaning

ServiceMaster Restore® performs emergency pre-cleaning within 24 hours of the loss to at risk items such as metals, chromes, kitchens, and bathrooms to prevent permanent damage.

Content Pack Out

ServiceMaster Restore® inventories and stores contents from your home in a climate controlled storage facility.

Content Cleaning

ServiceMaster Restore® and specialized restoration partners clean, deodorize and dry the contents of your home.
Dry CleaningElectronic Cleaning

Wall & Ceiling Cleaning

ServiceMaster Restore® uses state-of-the-art equipment and supplies to thoroughly clean damaged areas of your home.


Implements a deodorization strategy based on the level of fire and smoke damage to your home.

Fire Types

Understanding different fire types allow us to assess the correct means to restore your home. 
Having this knowledge, we can quickly assess the correct means and begin the restoration process of your business.

Protein Fire

Food from the oven or stove has burned; strong burnt odor exists; smoke residue is on contents and surfaces

Complex Fire

Multiple natural and synthetic items inside the structure have burned; black smoke residue on contents and surfaces; synthetic smoke odor exists; emergency corrosion mitigation is needed to protect at-risk services.

Natural Fire

Trees, shrubs, and bushes have burned (example: forest fire); smoke has penetrated the structure from outside; smoke residue odors are present.

Furnace Malfunction

Heating appliances such as oil-fired furnaces have malfunctioned and caused smoke to be distributed throughout the property.

When the unforeseen happens, call on ServiceMaster Restore®. Our emergency call center is prepared to handle your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call us now at (301) 972-9100.