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When your home is contaminated by sewage waste, a threat to you and your family’s health exists because this type of loss contains pathogenic agents that create an unhealthy environment.

ServiceMaster Clean® highly trained and IICRC certified technicians can rapidly control or stop the growth or amplification of microorganisms present in sewage water, bringing the loss to a quick and efficient conclusion.

Since there are many factors that determine the severity of contamination within any given sewage loss, to effectively minimize damage the following steps are taken:

  • Inspection: Thorough inspection of the structure to determine what type of materials are affected and how deeply contaminants have penetrated into structural materials
  • Prevent Further Spreading: Implement appropriate procedures to prevent further spreading of contaminants such as isolating affected areas
  • Establish Drying Strategy: Take psychrometric measurements to establish drying strategy to be followed
  • Dispose of Affected Contents: Disposal of non-salvageable porous and semi-porous affected contents
  • Clean and Sanitize: Clean and sanitize all the affected surfaces and salvageable contents


– Contact doctor if health concerns
– Eliminate the source of water
– Turn off circuit breakers if safe
– Remove and secure breakables and small furniture.
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– Use hygiene items left in loss area
– Consume food in the loss area
– Use home fans to dry areas
– Activate the building HVAC system
– Enter area with standing water
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