Serving Those Who Serve Our Country

After Flight 77 tragically struck the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, one entire wedge – more than 6.5 million square feet — of the world’s largest office building was effectively destroyed by the plane’s impact and ensuing fire. Who did Pentagon officials turn to? That’s right, ServiceMaster Clean. Less than two hours after the tragedy, ServiceMaster received the call and took the lead. Supplies and personnel from ServiceMaster Clean businesses as far away as Michigan were mobilized. Crews and supplies from 60 different locations then converged on Washington D.C.

Two 12-hour ServiceMaster Clean shifts – more than 300 employees – began working 24/7 to mitigate the damage and clean all surfaces to restore more than 17 miles of hallways, lobbies and corridors. The cleanup and restoration was completed in nine and a half weeks.

The successful Pentagon restoration highlights ServiceMaster Cleans’ strengths in disaster restoration and management. In spite of the immense building size and the extraordinary security, the disaster restoration operation at the Pentagon differed very little from other disasters faced in our 50-year history. We mobilize a quick local response by trained professionals and back it up with the resources only a national company can provide.

“Cleaning the Pentagon is an understatement, what you did was put life back into the building. With your motivated attitudes, professionalism, cleaning ability and sincerity you made The Pentagon glow.”

Darryl Diggs., Pentagon Assistant Services Program Manager

Residential Testimonials

“I wish to compliment your firm, in particular Rafael and his team, for the efficient and effective service performed at my home. The work was done swiftly and without making a mess. I would recommend your firm highly.”

Howard G., Potomac, MD

“I just want to take a couple of seconds of your time, reference Kerry Ward. After 16 plus years in various Automotive Service related positions, I am a hard person to impress and Kerry has impressed me. Kerry has demonstrated exceptional professional service to the Montgomery County Department of Police. On several occasions. Kerry has gone ‘above and beyond the call of duty‘ most seem to fall after the close of business hours. She has arranged for after hours pickup of marked Police cruisers that were in short supply and high demand. Her willingness to do exactly what is needed to ensure that my needs as a customer and most importantly, the needs of the County’s Citizens are met is greatly appreciated! People don’t return to businesses, people return to people. Kerry is one those people!”

Greg D., Montgomery County Police Department

“At about 1:30 am on Tuesday, September 29, 2009, we had a house fire. I called your company, and by 9:00 am Reed Frazier arrived to help coordinate the cleaning process. That same day, and throughout the week, the cleaning crew consisting of Ricardo, Hector, Julio, Joaquim, Maria and Angel (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out) worked very hard at cleaning every little detail of various rooms in the house. The crew was very professional and considerate. They carefully handled every item. They even arranged our junk draw, which is no small accomplishment. They did this all while having to work in a house that still smelled of smoke. We want to say thank you to your staff, and especially the cleaning crew, for helping us restore our house after a fire.”

Ken L., Germantown, MD

“Please extend an acknowledgement of recognition for superb performance to Mr. Miguel Cabrera for providing outstanding service in support of the recent ‘disaster’ at my house. Mr. Cabrera demonstrated a level of professionalism that is truly to be commended.

Mr. Cabrera spearheaded the overall ‘physical’ operations of the disaster restoration services team. He is truly a leader, very professional and well ‘in-tune’ with what the customer is experiencing. No question was shunned. Mr. Cabrera’s demonstrated ability to function in a sincere partnership with the customer and ServiceMaster’s administrators maximized the success of the project and it’s completion in a timely manner.

Please extend an official ‘Thank You’ to Mr. Cabrera for such superb performance. His professional and interpersonal skills will ensure future customers of ServiceMaster also receive this noted type of outstanding support. Mr. Cabrera’s level of professionalism and demonstrated performance deserves to be recognized – it is a credit to the mission of the ServiceMaster Clean organization.”

Carol C., Germantown, MD

“I would also like to thank Kerry Ward who provided timely and courteous support and coordination from your office.”

Julianne M. Cultural Resources Planner

“Thank you again for a job well done. You and your team provided excellent service.” 

R. Nathan

“Thank you for an outstanding job cleaning my office and the Pentagon. Keep up the great work.”

Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense

“Your staff came to our Maryland house several weeks ago, following a flooding in the playroom after a ceiling leak. We were not home, but our housekeeper (and later our daughter) told us that your staff was very helpful in getting things cleaned up, and we want you to know that we appreciated it. Thank you very much.”

Coleman and Sylvia R.

“Yesterday, at around 2 AM, a toilet overflowed in one of our upstairs bathrooms. By the time we learned of the problem water damaged flooring and belongings throughout most of the upstairs of our home, and in our garage below.

At around 3:30 AM yesterday, we called ServiceMaster. The person who answered our call was exceptionally helpful, and actively directed us to technicians who could come to our house almost immediately.

By 5:20 AM Miguel Cabrera, accompanied by his assitant Julio Martinez, had come to our home. They were knowledgeable, hard working, professional, and extremely friendly. Under terrible circumstances they put to ease many of the worries that my family and I had, and they did a terrific job identifying and remediating the damaged areas of my home. Impressively, they worked nonstop nearly twelve hours, until the job was finished.

I hope never again to have to experience the sort of destruction to my home and belongings with which my family is now dealing. But if I do, or if any of my neighbors, friends, or nearby family find themselves needing the services of emergency water recovery specialists, I would be delighted to recommend to them the team of Miguel Cabrera and Julio Martinez. They were outstanding, and delightful to work with under terrifically trying conditions!”

Paul R.B.