Pack Out

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Pack Out


In the event of a residential water loss, contents may be affected. ServiceMaster Restore® professionally inspects and evaluates all contents that may have been affected during the loss.

In some cases, the affected contents are determined to be salvageable but they cannot be cleaned and restored on-site. In other instances, if the contents are not affected, but they are in an affected area that requires proper drying, flooring repairs or reconstruction, then they need to be removed in order to achieve restoration goals.

ServiceMaster Restore® Resources Include

Electronic Inventory System

Moving Trucks

Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

Ability to Freeze-Dry Documents

Ability to Restore Electronics

Ability to Restore Clothing

Our highly trained pack-out technicians will take appropriate measures to minimize contamination, loss, damage or breakage of affected contents by carefully recording, packing, transporting, cleaning, storing, and delivering your belongings.

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When the unforeseen happens, call on ServiceMaster Restore®. Our emergency call center is prepared to handle your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call us now at (301) 972-9100.